Spirulina Nutrition

Spirulina nutrition has always been a hot topic of discussion among people all around the world. What makes spirulina immensely popular? Various studies have clearly proven that this unique micro-vegetable organism offers unlimited health benefits for human beings. It can be described as big, single-celled algae and you will never have to search anywhere else for the most digestible and balanced plant protein source. The ingredients include cholesterol-free vegetable protein, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, phytonutrients, Vitamin B-12, Gamma-Linolenic Acid, Vitamin C and trace elements. Spirulina protein supplements are available in flake, powder and tablet form and the presence of all essential nutritional elements account for its huge popularity.

Other types of food proteins fall short in comparison with spirulina because it contains more protein than meat and soy combined. Apart from water and clean air, human body requires a minimum of seven essential nutritional elements for its survival. All these much required elements include proteins and amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, pigments, fats and enzymes and a perfect blend of all these elements can be found in spirulina. As far as the most abundant compound in the human body is concerned, protein is second only to water. On average level, human body contains 70 trillion cells and out of which, one-third is constantly aging or getting damaged. Maintenance work will have to be conducted to replace the damaged cells and dietary protein assumes an importance of paramount in the maintenance process. That is exactly where the importance of spirulina supplements comes in and all other food proteins fall short when you compare them with this unique supplement.

Spirulina supplements contains18 amino acids and its cell walls can be described as complex sugars as well. Your energy level will always be on the higher side because of the easily digestible cell walls and the quantity of usable protein is around 90% because of its digestibility and amino acid balance. The quantity of digestible protein in whole wheat flour, an integral part of all diet plans, is around 9% and spirulina gives 50 times more digestible protein. Another remarkable aspect is that most of spirulina’s proteins are pretty similar to the protein created by the body (biliproteins) and it will result in minimal energy loss, required for digestion. In comparison with other food proteins, spirulina is the best available source of biliproteins. Soybeans have always been considered as a high source of protein for vegetarians and an eight ounce of soybeans serving provides 74 ounces or 21 grams of usable protein. You should understand that it is only 1/7 as good as spirulina protein

When you make a better understanding about the health benefits of spirulina nutrition supplements you will realize the real quality of this unique spiral shaped algae. Some of the benefits include improved digestion, strengthened immune system, higher endurance, elated energy levels, reduced food cravings, efficient body cleansing, healthy cardiovascular function, improved functioning of kidney and liver, reduced inflammation and efficient detoxification. All these aspect clearly convey that spirulina supplements stand tall among the competitors.

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