For instance, replacing meat proteins has to do with all this. But where are we going to find proteins? We’ll find them in seaweeds! But how? I just saw a stand today where I was told that they would create spirulina farms. It’s a peculiar seaweed that can provide us with the protein quantity we need. The protein yield of spirulina is way higher than that of meat proteins.

And you need proteins to live, you need them. In the past, in barbaric times, people would either eat seaweeds when they couldn’t do otherwise, or they would go hunting to get proteins. But the yield of meat proteins is miserable when you consider the energy you need to get them, besides, you need to make animals suffer ignominously by piling them up in these sort of factories, like cow factories. But there’s an alternative solution.

These farms will produce spirulina—or rather these factories, because these are factories. There are tubs that are filled with 100 or 200 liters of water, then the water is heated, there’s a reaction, and spirulina grows in unbelievable quantities! Today, you buy it under the form of small capsules —there are even shops that sell them at the price of €16,000 a kilogram, it’s crazy! In short, you just pay for the package and for the feeling of buying the best cure in the world. So spirulina can be produced massively, and it can be produced in town, that is, by occupying spaces that can no longer be occupied. These production units can be set in town. So you see, spirulina is a concrete solution, and it enables us to save money in every other aspect of production. Now there’s another aspect to this issue that I want to tackle in order to make you understand that there are concrete solutions to every problem.