Hi everyone welcome to Joe’s kitchen kapers today we are making the spirulina smoothie it’s something you can have for breakfast lunch or dinner I have one everyday packed full of nutrition I love it it’s delicious so let’s make a start or run through the equipment and the ingredients and will work one eye so we’ve got quite a few different ingredients going into our smoothie let’s just run through them I’ve got 15 grams here of spirulina 15 grams of collagen 15 grams of chia seeds 15 grams of ls a 30 grams of hemp seeds 15 grams of gog Barry’s got half a teaspoon here of karma karma powder I’ve got half an avocado some frozen mixed berries I’ve got raspberries and blueberries some frozen banana and here on an aloe gel which is of one of my aloe vera plants I’ve got to 500 ml glasses some water what we’re going to use is our liquid just a spatula and a spoon and we’re using my thermomix today to mix it in if you go let’s get started we’ll turn a thermomix on and it’s simply a case of putting everything in let’s just measure in six hundred mils of water and then we’re just going to place the rest of our ingredients and so our berries so my beer is banana and avocado a real frozen and that gives it a bit of a creamier texture as well as it makes it nice and cold now a low hemp seeds I’m a fight chea goji comma comma collagen and the star of the show aspera Lena our lip goes back on and I give this a minute on the speed 10 and it’s as quick as dash scrape eyelids get all that those goodies back in there so guys here we go aspera mean smoothie it’s a meal and a glass as i said i have one daily all that remains of the taste test it is really good please try it the recipe for it will be in the comment box below and my video diary this week will just be about the ingredients that I’ve used in my spirulina and why I use it if you like our video please subscribe and give us the big thumbs up and I’ll see you next time on Joe’s kitchen kapers thanks for joining us cheers bye

This Spirulina Smoothie, is jam packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and has great healing properties.
Spirulina Smoothie

15g Spirulina 15g collagen
15g Chia seeds 15g Goji berries
15g LSA 30g hemp seeds
1/2t Camu Camu powder piece of trimmed Aloe Vera
1/4-1/2 frozen avocado 75g frozen Banana
100-125g berries 600ml water or coconut water

Put all ingredients into Thermomix or blender. Blend for 1min/sp10.
Or in blender blend on high 1 minute.
Pour into glasses and drink immediately.
(Note: Check with your Physician or Naturopath before adding supplements to your diet if you are on medications.
Because of the collagen in this, if it sits too long it can become jelly like.)